Why more and more people are switching to electronic cigarettes

Smoking is a bad habit and it is also one that is quite dangerous for one’s health. These days, however, there is an alternative that is just as delicious and that can be just what you were looking for to make a change in your life. We are not saying that electronic cigarettes can be used as a means of smoking cessation or that they will help in any way, but for those that have tried them; they have become the way to go. And there are innumerable reasons why this is the case at the moment and why we are seeing more and more people who are discovering how great electronic cigarettes are.

Above everything else, there is the smoking experience that is no less than the real one, the one of smoking the real thing. For most people who have had experiences with real cigarettes, the main concern or at least one of the main concerns about e cigs was whether they will be anywhere close to smoking a real cigarette. As it turns out, they were worried for no reason. Every smoker that has given an electronic cigarette a try has said that they cannot feel the difference and, if anything, that an electronic cigarette provides a better taste and a richer smoke/vapour.

People are also discovering all the flavours they can get their electronic cigarettes in. These go well beyond the standard offer of menthol and vanilla that can be found in regular cigarettes. These include tiramisu, peach and other, even more unorthodox flavours that have been true revelations for most smokers. We will not even mention all the exquisite tobacco flavours that will give you an impression you are smoking the highest quality tobacco ever grown.

Smokers also love the fact that they do not smell of tobacco and of smoke when they use their electronic cigarettes. They are completely odorless and they do not stain the teeth nor the fingers. As far as the aesthetics go, electronic cigarettes are definitely the better choice.

Another reason that electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity is the fact that many people in Australia are far more liberal when it comes to use of these devices in closed and public spaces than they are when real cigarettes are concerned. Everyone who has at least some knowledge of electronic cigarettes has already allowed them to be used in closed spaces because they simply produce no second hand smoke and because they give off no smell. There are even some airlines that will let you light up on the plane.